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Student Dress Code    

Students are expected to look neat at all times. Clothes must be clean, ironed, and without holes or tears. The dress code is in effect throughout the day and when students are representing the school. Parents are expected to take an active role in helping their children conform to the dress code. In addition, students who remain at school for any after school activity – from after care to watching athletic events – are to remain in their school uniform until they leave campus.

A student who does not conform to the dress code will be subject to disciplinary consequences.  The first time a student is not in conformance with the dress code, the student will be sent to the office where he or she will remain until the parent is called and comes to school with the appropriate attire.  If a student has a second offense, that student will be excluded from class until in conformance with the dress code, and will have an additional consequence such as loss of recess, after school detention, or in-school suspension.  Any further incidents will result in more severe consequences and/or possibly suspension from the school.

Source for clothing:  The Lands’ End School Catalog will be the provider for articles of acceptable clothing. If you choose to purchase the items from Lands’ End, they will contribute 3% of all net sales to The Country School Parents’ Association if you use the Preferred School Code 9000-8877-4. Items purchased using Lands’ End Gift Cards acquired from the school will earn 15%.  It is not required that you purchase the items from Lands’ End although any other option must conform in every way to the items in the Lands’ End School Catalog (not the general Lands’ End Catalog). Any questions must be directed to the Division Heads. It is important that a consistent appearance be maintained in students’ dress.

The wording “The Country School” and The Country School logo are both registered with Lands’ End as the school’s logos and may be applied to students’ shirts. No other labels, slogans, or logos will be acceptable (Polo, Izod, Dockers, etc.) on ANY item of clothing.

Acceptable Articles of Clothing:

Shirt: short and long sleeved (not three-quarter sleeved) polo shirt (any solid color), turtleneck and mock turtleneck (any solid color, not ribbed or ruffled), solid color oxford cloth button down shirt (white, blue, yellow or pink only; no chambray or bleached indigo), Peter Pan shirt (white, blue, or yellow; no ruffles or puff-sleeves). All shirts must conform in every way to those available from the Lands’ End School Catalog. No excessive tightness or bagginess. Only the top two buttons may be unbuttoned. Shirts are to be tucked in neatly at all times.

Sweater: crew neck, v- neck, vest, cardigan, or full zip cardigan (not half-zip) over dress code shirt or blouse. All sweaters must be solid colors in cotton or wool. No fleece, ruffled, hooded, cable sweaters, sweater sets, argyle, ribbed, or patterned sweaters allowed. All sweaters must be similar in cut, fit, and style to those available from the Lands’ End School Catalog. No excessive tightness or bagginess.

Fleece Wear: Solid color full zip fleece vests, or half-zip fleece pullovers in the available Lands’ End colors, with either no logo or The Country School logo.  All fleece vests and half-zip fleece pullovers must be similar in cut, fit, style, and color to the “midweight fleece vests and half-zip fleece pullovers” available from the Lands’ End School Catalog.

Skirt: A-line or pleated skirt (not cargo or box pleat skirt), at-knee chino skort (only from the Lands’ End School Catalog, and only in the longer of the lengths offered) in khaki, stone, navy, black, gray, or the Lands’ End hunter/classic navy plaid.  No box pleat skirt, pleated skort, knit skort, cord skirt, cord skort, above-knee skort, pleated cargo skirt, cargo chino skort, two-button chino skort or long chino skirt. All skirts and skorts must conform in every way to those available from the Lands’ End School Catalog. No more than 3 inches above the knee.

Jumper: Lands’ End Solid Jumper (not side-pleated, side-buckled, stretch cord, or knit) in khaki, stone, hunter/classic navy plaid, or navy. No more than 3 inches above the knee.

Bike shorts: Black, navy, or khaki bike shorts may be worn only under skirts or jumpers, and must not come below hemline.

Pants: Pleated, flat front, or side zipped pants (khaki, stone, navy, black, or gray).  The Lands’ End School “Feminine Fit” plain-front chinos (not flare or stretch) are also acceptable.  Must have sewn in pockets (pockets not sewn on the surface of the material).  Chino material, cords, wool.  Pants are to be worn above the hips and must be properly sized and hemmed. No stretch, flare, or cargo pants, jeans or jean styled pants, sweat pants, draw string pants, or crop pants. No excessive tightness or bagginess. All pants must conform in every way to those available from the Lands’ End School catalog.  

Shorts: Only Lands’ End shorts (not sports shorts or cargo shorts) from the Lands’ End School catalogare allowed for Lower and Upper School boys and girls (khaki, stone, navy, black, or gray).

Shoes: Kindergarten and grades 1 and 2 may wear sneakers. Students should wear loafers, leather docksiders, tied leather or suede shoes, all weather moccasins, Mary Janes, or closed toe flats. All shoes must be in solid colors in one tone, non-embellished, non-quilted, with no cut-outs, and be black, brown, blue, gray, or red. No more than 1½” heel height. No boots, techy hikers, slippers, Birkenstocks, flip flops, sandals, sneakers, shoes that light up, hiking or athletic-type shoes, shoes that roll, platform shoes, clogs, mules, or any style above the ankle. Tied shoes must be neatly tied and completely on the foot. The spirit of the dress code is that clothing items have no logos, even though this is difficult to achieve with sneakers and shoes. Accordingly, any logos that can’t be avoided should be unobtrusive.

Belt: Solid-colored black, brown, gray, or navy, with no logo or design. To be worn with pants that have belt loops; no belt required for pull on pants or side zipped pants. No belts are required for grades K-2.

Socks: Socks, knee high socks, or tights, if worn, must have no logo, be solid colored, and be a matching pair. No leggings or fishnets.

Undergarments, underneath shirts, are to be plain white.

Additional items:

  • Other than pierced ears for girls, no body piercing jewelry or body art (tattoos) which is permanent or temporary is permitted.
  • No hats or visors are to be worn in school.
  • No head scarves or wide headbands.
  • No sunglasses are to be worn in school.
  • No cosmetics other than simple lip gloss.
  • No excessive jewelry.
  • Students’ hair must be a natural hair color.  Boys’ length must be above the collar and not over the eyes or the ears, with no ponytails. Spiked, Mohawk, skinhead, initialed or other provocative styles are not permitted.
  • Outerwear and sweatshirts may be worn only outside.


Holiday Program, Kindergarten Mother’s Day Tea, Grandparents & Special Friends Day, Eighth Grade Mothers Tea, Awards Day and Graduation

Children wear “dressy” attire. Boys wear long pants, dress shirts, and ties. Girls wear dressy skirts and blouses or dresses; no leggings or fishnets. Dresses must be of appropriate length and may not be strapless unless worn with a sweater or jacket.

Eighth Graders On Awards Day and Graduation

Eighth grade boys wear navy blue blazers, dress shirts, ties, and dress pants on Awards Day. In addition, white pants, white shirts, and ties are required for Graduation. Eighth grade girls wear dressy skirts and blouses or dresses for Awards Day, and white dresses and white shoes for Graduation. All dresses must be of appropriate length and may not be strapless unless worn with a sweater or jacket.

On Dress Down Days and Dress Down “HO, HO” Outings

    On dress down days, students may wear clothing of their choice, provided outfits cover the same parts of the body as the school uniform. In addition, they may not wear shirts with inappropriate language or advertising for alcohol or tobacco products; halter tops; spaghetti strap tops; tank tops; short shorts; jeggings (excessively tight jeans); revealing attire; hats inside the building; or shoes that light up or roll. Undergarments should not show.

School Picture Day

     Regular school dress code is in effect.

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