'HOHO' Projects by Grade and Advisory    
Mrs. Walter's advisory builds a recycle bin of recycled materials, for Habitat for Humanity.

Kindergartners are working with students from age zero to three years old at the Talbot County Early Head Start program, creating learning materials and assisting with hands-on projects.

First graders work at Idlewild Park, cleaning out gardens, picking up trash and maintaining the playground areas. During the winter months, boys and girls make bird feeders to hang in the park and make posters to put around town to remind others to care for the park. In the spring, first graders plant flowers and remove wet, dead leaves. In addition, first graders work with pre-school children at St. Mark’s Preschool and Christ Church Preschool. They read together and work on projects together such as making bird feeders and holiday crafts. The first graders enjoy being leaders and the youngsters at the preschools look up to their new friends.

Working in conjunction with the Midshore Riverkeepers Conservancy, the second grade is organizing and hosting a children's environmental film festival in November. Second graders select the films and prepare to introduce them onstage at the Avalon Theater. In the spring, second graders also get their hands dirty cleaning up litter from local wetlands as part of Project Clean Stream.
Third grade continues its relationship with the Neighborhood Service Center, making bagged lunches for the center twice per month. The students decorate bags, organize food, assemble meals, and make deliveries to the center.  
The fourth grade supports the Society of St. Vincent dePaul and its clients. A group of ten students works at the SVDP center approximately once a month. While there they pack grocery bags for clients of the center, and sort and fold donated clothing and toys that may be purchased by clients of the center. Fourth graders also collect paper bags for SVDP, as well as candy goodie bags for their clients. The Society of St. Vincent dePaul serves the needy throughout Talbot County. In addition, funds raised from the fourth grade bake sale are given to SVDP with the specific purpose of purchasing fresh frozen chicken for clients of the Center.

Upper School students participate in HOHO projects by advisory. Advisories are groups of eight to ten students, with one or two teacher advisors. Fifth graders are in fifth-grade-only advisories, while sixth through eighth graders are mixed.

Mrs. Lang and Mrs. Frederick's advisory make Christmas crafts with students from The Benedictine School.

All three fifth grade advisories - Bishop, Nittle, and Stecher - meet with preschoolers at Critchlow Adkins Day Care Center. They visit the centers four times throughout the year. During a typical visit, the fifth graders plan circle time and crafts activities, as well as indoor and outdoor games to play with the children.

Mrs. Gill's advisory supports the Talbot County Hospice by assisting with seasonal decorating, spring planting, and delivering snacks.

Mrs. Lang and Mrs. Frederick’s advisory has two active projects: one is assisting with maintaining the grounds of the Healing Garden in Easton, a garden and park for parents who have lost children. The other project is a partnership with The Benedictine School in Ridgely, helping their students with crafts and projects, and doing some read-aloud and some skits.

Mrs. Walter and Mrs. Sheets's advisories are partnered with The Gardens at William Hill Manor. The students visit The Gardens and participate in age-appropriate activities with the residents, such as board games and noodle ball. During the holidays, the students plan a performance of songs and stories that are presented to the residents during their afternoon activity hour. The residents and students seem to thoroughly enjoy the sing-a-longs and the camaraderie. Many of the students have formed a relationship with the residents and will visit them outside of school hours.

Ms. Amaral's advisory is working with the residents of the Dixon House Independent and Assisted Living home, visiting them often throughout the year, writing them letters, and inviting them to special events here at The Country School.
Mr. Hoopes and Mrs. Orban's advisory visits the Talbot County Free Library to read stories, present shows, and do craft activities with the children who come for story time, all under the guidance of the children's librarian. Students also help staff with clerical tasks such as stamping cards, straightening shelves, and shelving and organizing materials.
Mrs. Rajacich's advisory works with the Talbot County YMCA in several ways, including cleaning projects and working with youth members. Cleaning projects include wiping down the indoor play gym, The Gooch, cleaning fitness room mirrors, and washing their two busses that are used for summer camp. A favorite activity is showing the homeschool fitness group how we make Holiday Gingerbread Houses at the Country School. In the future, they hope to work with the Headstart students who use the YMCA. 
First graders clean up the grounds at Idlewild Park.

Mrs. Watts's advisory is helping the Friends of Spring Hill Historic Cemetery in Easton. In addition to maintaining the grounds throughout the year, and cleaning up after major holidays (by removing old flowers and decorations after Christmas and Easter), the students research the lives of the people buried here, in order to help to raise awareness of the importance of this cemetery as a historic resource for our community.

Mr. Vega's advisory is working with the Activities Director at St. Mark’s Village, a retirement community for the elderly in Easton, to provide entertainment for the residents, many of whom have limited means. This year the advisory students will work closely with the residents on pre-Halloween, pre-Christmas, and pre-St. Patrick's Day activities. 

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