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Strategic Plan 2009    


  • determine optimal staffing to preserve as much program as we deem essential during a period of declining enrollment
  • explore the “21st Century Learning” movement and determine if there are critical components we need to implement
  • continue to implement the recommendations of the technology task force, including a robust program of professional development
  • explore ways to increase the depth, rather than breadth, of the curriculum
  • fully develop, refine, and implement a new faculty evaluation model
  • implement a first phase of the new school-wide project, Helping Others, Helping Ourselves
  • consider creating more opportunities for project-based learning
  • fully meet the requirements spelled out in the AIMS 10 Year Evaluation, in advance of the 5 Year Report, due in 2011
  • continue efforts to further develop the faculty’s skills with differentiated instruction 


  • create a model of financial sustainability taking into account increased financial aid levels and declining enrollment, giving, and endowment assumptions; rethink “the gap” and strong reliance on voluntary giving
  • continue to have the investment committee meet on a regular basis to closely monitor investments, make prudent changes in the portfolio, and ensure our ability to take a significant endowment draw each year
  • determine a sustainable annual fund goal and create an annual fund action plan that utilizes a greater level of volunteer solicitors and encourages giving for constituents beyond current parents
  • fundraise for endowment
  • fundraise for financial aid; pursue targeted efforts with long-term friends of the school
  • implement the most promising plan(s) to generate alternative revenue sourcing


  • consider amending the by-laws to allow for increased terms for exceptional board members
  • create a profile of Board needs and a trustee identification and recruitment plan to meet them
  • cultivate future Board leadership -- for the Board as a whole as well as for every committee chair
  • retool committees to match strategic planning efforts
  • consider the creation of an emeritus trustee council
  • define what succession planning is necessary and then create the plan


  • continue on-going work with the faculty raising awareness of diversity issues and their comfort in dealing with them
  • consider best ways to be responsive to the school’s increased socioeconomic diversity
  • continue efforts to recruit a more diverse faculty, staff, student body, and Board
  • help families feel more comfortable in the school and to see themselves as full partners
  • improve the way the school accepts and welcomes diverse populations
  • publicize our diversity and related initiatives
  • fundraise for diversity

Marketing & Advocacy

  • create a coordinated internal and external marketing and communication plan to attract new families and students, maximize retention and philanthropic support, and enhance our partnership with the local community
    • consider best means of utilizing new technologies to reach our target audiences
    • focus on additional and on-going means of harnessing the power of positive word-of-mouth from our current parents
    • continue to focus on retention and seek new means to solidify enrollment
    • implement the initiatives spelled out during 2008-09 aimed at the four markers leading to high student retention
    • consider best messaging plans with our current families regarding enrollment and its implications
  • develop new and long-term relationships; move prospects toward greater participation in the school
    • seek additional ways to harness alumni interest, particularly in our 75th anniversary year

Physical Plant

  • maintain strong daily and on-going maintenance
  • maintain strong security procedures
  • restart effort to implement incremental parking lot improvements aimed at increased safety and efficiency
  • identify improved storage alternatives
  • consider what aesthetic improvements would be prudent and possible


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