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  • Saving Childhood

    Neil Mufson
    What are parents to do? Last week I wrote about writer Kim Brooks’s NYT article “We Have Ruined Childhood” and its conclusion that in our society, “a disintegration of communal and familial structures for childcare and child raising,” coupled with a dramatic increase in work demands for most parents, have led families to have “to prioritize physical safety and adult supervision over healthy emotional and social development.” Brooks asserts that these significant and often overwhelming social forces have led to phenomena that are distinctly unhealthy for children. Thus, childhood today is marked by longer school days, earlier and earlier academic demands, over-regimentation, protection from any kind of adversity, active-shooter drills, constant mass gun violence, and the scaling back of time devoted to play, being in nature, or doing nothing. Unintentionally — but not surprisingly — all of this has resulted in higher and higher childhood levels of unhappiness, inattention, learning issues, social maladjustment, stress, anxiety, depression, and suicide.
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  • We Have Ruined Childhood

    Neil Mufson
    What does it say about our culture that rates of childhood depression and anxiety are at their highest measured levels ever? In The New York Times Kim Brooks, who authored Small Animals: Parenthood in the Age of Fear, recently reported that “children today are more depressed than they were in the Great Depression and more anxious than they were at the height of the Cold War.” Her recent article entitled “We Have Ruined Childhood” uncovers reasons that you might not expect. 
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  • Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude

    Neil Mufson
    Mr. Mufson discusses this year's theme at school: gratitude.
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