Why TCS?

We are often asked, "Why The Country School? What do you have to offer that other schools don't?" This can be a challenging question to answer because what makes TCS what it is lies in the ethos of our school: Do your best always.

We expect this mantra to inform everything our students do, from interacting with peers and faculty to studying and participating in class. Country School students are part of a small but tight-knit community comprised of themselves, their families, and TCS faculty and staff. With an average class size of 16, they do not enjoy the luxury of anonymity here. Just as kindness and hard work are noticed and rewarded, conduct that does not fall within the parameters of our 9 core values will be addressed.

What makes our school the community it is and gives our students a sense of fulfillment comes down to relationships. Our teachers know every single one of their students (their strengths, weaknesses, pets, hobbies) and differentiate instruction strategically to bring out the best in those who are struggling, challenging the ones who are excelling, and never overlooking those in the middle. When students feel "seen," they will rise to meet the expectations set before them.
Our parents know how passionate our teachers are and how engaging they make their classes. And when our students see their teachers doing their best always, they simply follow suit. 


"Our son has grown in leaps and bounds over the years, with perhaps the most noticeable accomplishment being his social confidence amidst his peers. No longer a quiet little boy reading a 25-pound book on the sidelines at recess, he has awakened into quite the social being and is so happy to have a strong network of friends and peers. When his teachers complain that he chats too much in class, while meaning no disrespect, my insides cheer because there was a time he was shy and quiet and had very few friends. The safe, nurturing container that is TCS allowed for him to grow into the content young man he is today."
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