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Ward Family Testimonial

Dear Prospective Families,
Before my family and I moved to the Eastern Shore in June of 2015, we knew of The Country School and were hoping it would be the right place for our 12-year-old twins to finish middle school. We initially questioned whether a mere two years at TCS was worth the investment, but soon after our children began seventh grade, we realized it was the best decision we've made regarding their education.
Our children have only attended private schools and have always made good grades, so we naturally expected a smooth transition. What we hadn’t realized was that they had never been adequately challenged academically before. For the first time, our kids had to be 100 percent responsible for their success and learn to self-advocate. If a grade fell short, they had to own it and learn from it, consult with their teachers about improvement, and create an action plan to keep them on task. Their teachers are always available to support them, while encouraging them to be responsible and organized.
Their teachers are exemplary in going beyond the call of duty. At our old school, the teachers left when school was over. Not so at The Country School. Teachers have office hours before and after school so that kids who need extra help or clarification can meet with their them to gain understanding. The lines of communication are open between faculty and students via email and Google Docs, 24/7. Who are the coaches of our kids’ soccer, basketball, and lacrosse teams? The teachers. They are committed to not only their academic success, but to ensuring that the same professionals who know them in a classroom setting support them on the fields and courts. This makes for well-rounded students whose teachers truly know them individually. 
During our twins’ first year, they were truly challenged for the first time—only the highest caliber of work was acceptable. Collaboration with other students on group projects is frequent, and the kids support and encourage one another. At The Country School, it's cool to be smart.
We are so thankful that our twins will have two solid years at TCS because we know now that it is preparing them for high school and beyond. In addition to the positive academic experience, our children have also done well socially. They were embraced by their middle school peers and developed friendships that are sure to last forever.  
Though making education decisions during middle school may seem daunting, it has proven to our family to be a great time to enroll at TCS. The environment is conducive to learning, peers are supportive, teachers go the extra mile, and our kids think it's fun! We have no doubt that our dollars have been well spent in investing in our twin's education.
Laura D. Ward
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