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Nothing illustrates the value of a Country School education like our Upper School students. Although some have been with us since Kindergarten and others join us much later, the concensus is clear: the Country School experience shapes the young men and women who graduate from our program solidly prepared for high school and beyond. Here are some of their stories.

HENRY MULLIKIN '20 came to TCS from Tilghman Elementary School in the fall of 2017, and has spent the past three years at The Country School playing for the soccer and basketball teams. Henry has become a proud member of the PACS (Peer Advocates of the Country School) program, which enriches students' lives and serves as our school's mentoring program. 
"Joining The Country School family and school was my best decision," Henry says. "I have enjoyed the challenges in the classroom, and on the fields and court. My teachers, coaches, and friends have been instrumental in helping me become the gentleman I am today. I will always treasure my time at The Country School and know that it has helped lay a great foundation for my future."

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  • Arielle Tyler '20

    My first day of kindergarten at The Country School was full of new opportunities. When I stepped into my classroom, it was filled with all a five-year-old could ask for. I distinctly remember a room full of color. There was every color imaginable and it was full of new, welcoming kids like me. It was a great firstday and I knew things would only get better from there. In my kindergarten year, I learned countless new things, thanks to my amazing teacher, Mrs. Godlee. In addition to our regular class time, I had specials such as art, music, and PE.  That year, I made lifelong friends who greatly impacted who I am today. I felt accepted for who I was, as a student and as a friend.
    As I moved on through the Lower School grades, I learned even more. Each year built on the last and I liked being challenged with the higher level of school work. Thanks to my teachers, I was able to learn the basics and so much more. The Country School is nothing without its wonderful, supportive teachers. They are always motivating students to put forth their best effort and are there to pick you up when you fall. This has allowed me to grow and feel good about going to school.  
    As I transitioned to the Upper School, I was excited to finally be considered one of the "older" kids. In the Upper School, students are assigned to an advisory group which is like homeroom and includes 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. I liked being able to get to know kids from other grades. I felt at home from the first day of my advisory group. 
    In 6th grade, I decided to play soccer. I had never been on a soccer team prior to this. The support from all of the teammates and determination of everyone to do their best even in the face of adversity was amazing. Playing a team sport at The Country School has been a great experience for me. 
    Next year, I will be attending The Gunston School and I am excited about it. I am ready for a new start and challenge after my nine years at The Country School. I look forward to meeting new people and learning new things. Although I am sad that some of my friends are not going to the same school next year, we will keep in touch. I will really miss The Country School, too. I will always be grateful for the foundation this school has provided me. It has shaped my work ethic and my passion to do well in all things. I will carry it with me for life. Thank you, Country School! 
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  • Hudson Stewart '22

    My name is HUDSON STEWART and I am a 6th grader at The Country School. I have attended The Country School since Kindergarten and a lot has changed since then! Last year, we built a new Upper School and have a new Pre-K. But some things have stayed the same. I have always liked the warm feeling of walking into a classroom, seeing my teacher's bright smile, and hearing, “Good morning, Hudson! Ready for a great day at school?”, and when we shake our headmaster’s hand in the morning. I took all of these little things for granted when I was a kindergarten student, but now that I am a 6th grader, I look back at that first day of school and think about how wonderful those bright smiles and gentle handshakes were, and how important they have become to me over the years. 

    I have come a long way from Kindergarten and am currently taking some amazing classes. I am studying geometry in math, the Byzantine empire in history, comprehension in English, earthquakes in Science, and I am in my seventh year of Spanish. I also enjoy P.E., music, and art. I have been on the soccer and lacrosse teams, and this past fall I was a student government representative. This spring, I played Stacee Jaxx in our Upper School musical Rock of Ages - Middle School Edition.  It has been fun to represent my school in these activities.

    The Country School has traditions I always look forward to, such as Grandparents and Special Friends Day and Dorothy Andrew Day. During GPSF Day, the school invites grandparents and family friends to come and tour the school so they can meet our teachers, see the school, and see a special performance by all the grades. On Dorothy Andrew Day, the whole school goes outside for field day and we play games like water balloon toss and tug of war.
    Since the coronavirus pandemic, we have been doing distance learning. However, this has not slowed down my learning one bit!  Thanks to the fact that I have been using a personal laptop more and more since 4th grade, and have been using my own laptop since the beginning of this school year to do assignments and turn them in, it really has not changed my learning and access to school materials and assignments. The only difference has been that the classroom is now in my home and my teachers are teaching via Google Meet.

    Next year, as a 7th grader, I am looking forward to taking Latin and continuing my studies in English, science, math, history, art, and music. I plan to try out for the school play again and hope to be on the soccer and te lacrosse teams again.

    The Country School has been an important part of my growing up and I am really thankful that I can go to our school. I am looking forward to my future.
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  • Isabella Taylor '20

    I am ISABELLA TAYLOR and I have attended TCS since kindergarten and will be graduating this year. Throughout my 9 years at The Country School, I have always known how lucky I am to have such a great place to grow up. It is really like having another family.

    All the teachers support you every step of the way and never make you feel stupid for asking for their help. They are flexible with their time and go out of the way to accommodate you, whether it’s for personal or academic reasons.

    You form really close bonds with your classmates, teachers, and even the administrators, like our headmaster and head of the Upper School.

    Around the time you are thinking about graduating TCS, they guide you through and help you reach your goal to attend the high school of your dreams. I never
    thought it would be possible for me to go to Gunston, but with the help, encouragement, and support of my teachers and Mr. Mufson, it is happening!

    Despite our small size, we have great sports teams with a lot of different options. I have tried them all! I will always love lacrosse and soccer, thanks to TCS, but my new sport is golf and it’s been an amazing opportunity to learn this sport as part of the TCS golf team.

    The Country School has been an amazing experience and I am sad to leave. I have spent 3/4th of my life here! But thanks to TCS, I feel ready and excited for the next chapter in my life. I know I will leave with lifelong friends.
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  • Audrey Dent '22

    I started coming to The Country School in kindergarten, and it has prepared me for so much in life, even as a little girl. The school has many amazing programs that I take part in, and they are educational as well as fun! As soon as I could be a part of extracurriculars, I signed up for lacrosse, basketball, field hockey, Role Playing Game club, Latin club, and the Country School musical. 

    I always knew that I would take part in sports at the Country School, but not as many as I actually do! Then again, that was before I knew how supportive and kind my teammates would be, even in the other grades. Being in the youngest grade that can participate (6th), I hope that I will be as helpful and kind as other 7th and 8th graders have been to me. Also, I didn't know how amazing and helpful my coaches would be. My teachers and coaches have helped me grow and become stronger in both school and on the field, even though I know that their schedules are packed with their own kids, friends, and hobbies. Our community here at The Country School is not just teachers and students--we are a family.

    Other extracurriculars that I have taken part in are not as well known, but they still are really fun. This year I learned about Role Playing Game club and Latin club this year, and as soon as I went to the first meetings, I knew that I had found my kind of people! Everyone was funny and nice and really welcomed me. I knew on the very first day that I would come back.

    The musical is another program that I love to be a part of. And I have become friends with the older students, which has allowed me to meet and become friends with peers I otherwise wouldn’t have gotten to know. The play producers are very helpful and take a lot of time out of their lives to make the play as well as possible. We put a lot of effort and time to prepare for the musical, and it's really amazing to see what all of our hard work amounts to.

    The Country School has been a wonderful place for me to learn and grow from both mistakes and successes. Here, I have been taught to follow our core values, such as respect, responsibility, moral courage, and many others; to do my best always; and to help others whenever possible. The Country School is a place where I can find my own voice and be proud of myself. 
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  • Grayson Friedli '21

    I joined The Country School in 2019 when I was going into 7th grade. That fall, I joined the soccer and basketball teams in the winter and had a lot of fun. I got to meet kids in other grades that I wouldn’t have otherwise had a chance to meet. I also joined the  Role Playing Game (RPG) club run by Mr. Vega, my history teacher. During RPG, we played a Starfinder game after school.

    One day during music class, Mr. C mentioned the school musical and upcoming tryouts, and I thought it would be fun to try out. I went in with no expectations, especially being the “new kid,” and ended up getting a lead role. It was a big commitment, but I had the best time acting and performing. I will never forget being in the school musical.  

    When I started at TCS,  I found that Advisory was a good place to ease into the day and talk with friends before the work began. I found the classes challenging, yet still fun. The teachers are all helpful, supportive, and each have their own style of teaching so that my classes are never repetitive or boring. My favorite class is Math and my most challenging class is English, but we always have a blast with Mr. Nittle!
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  • Kayla Smith '21

    Have you ever wanted to play basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and perform in the school Musical? Well, at The Country School, I have the benefit of doing all these things and more. The Country School provides many opportunities through enriching activities and the loving community that makes us feel welcome.
    The Country School includes a handful of activities that interest every kid. If you like to sing, dance, or act, we have a spring musical. You can start participating in the musical in 5th grade. In addition to our play, The Country School offers a variety of clubs all year long. If you are more of an athlete, you may be interested to know we have sports every season. Or if you're like me and enjoy doing the whole shebang, you won't have to choose if you come to The Country School.

    Here, I am able to do everything my heart desires. I play basketball while doing the musical, and represent my class in student council while playing soccer. Being able to participate in all these activities has helped me grow as an individual, and has strengthened my bond with the community.

    The Country School also supports my connection to the community through its many traditions. A few of my favorites are shaking hands with the headmaster in the morning, savoring holiday breakfast with classmates, and cheering on teammates at Dorthy Andrew Day. My all-time favorite tradition is the 8th grade and Kindergarten buddy program. I still keep in touch with my 8th grade buddy, who in college now and performing on Broadway. I want to have an influence on and be an idol to my Kindergarten buddy-- just like my buddy did for me.

    These traditions continue to be a foundation in our school community, thanks to the love and support our teachers give us. Our teachers dedicate themselves to making sure we feel at home in our school environment. They encourage us to share our similarities and celebrate our differences. They fulfill our needs and prepare us for what's ahead. I feel confident that I am ready for whatever my future has planned for me.

    The Country School is an inspiring place where you are pushed to do the best you can. Whether you're an athlete, scholar, theater geek, or all of the above, there is a place for you at The Country School.
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  • Lucy Rankin '22

    When I first came to The Country School in 4th grade, I instantly knew that this was the school for me. I had the nicest teacher named Mrs. Arnesen. Mrs. Arnesen helped me master cursive writing and made math exciting. The students were so friendly and wanted to be my friend right away! They made me feel comfortable in my new surroundings.

    I quickly realized that all of the teachers and staff were super nice. The best thing about school is the teachers find a way to make the learning fun. They turn it into a game or have you do a skit about the subject so you can understand the concept they are teaching.
    Now that I am in Upper School, things have changed, but in a good way. Teachers are still super nice and supportive, but you have more classes to go to. Plus, we have a brand new building where wee xplore new topics in STEAM, English, history, and languages.

    One of the things I personally love is something the whole school does in the morning: it is called STAR time, which stands for Stop Together and Read. We all stop what we're doing and read a book in our homeroom. Also, once a month we have a bake sale where one grade bakes things for lunch and you pay 50 cents to get a treat. I also love that we get out at 1:00pm on Fridays, which is a big advantage!
    Here at The Country School, there are sports and activities you can join. I play basketball, lacrosse, and golf. The Country School puts on a musical every year, too, and I also do that. Almost every Wednesday, there is an assembly where the whole school gathers for updates from the Headmaster and get to see guest performances or class plays. There is something for everyone at The Country School!
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