Life Skills

Ours is a dynamic and challenging world, and we want our students to be prepared to deal effectively with the complexities of the world they will soon enter as young adults. Our Upper School Life Skills program is designed for this purpose.
Upper School students at The Country School spend one class period each week in a combined Skills class that focuses on study skills, social-emotional skills, digital citizenship, and health education. The goal of the class is to provide students with the information and strategies that they will need in order to become self-aware, active learners as well as to promote good choices related to physical, emotional, and social health and wellness. 

The class presents information on:

Study Skills
  • growth mindset and the learning process
  • note-taking skills
  • study strategies
  • metacognition
  • test-tasking strategies
  • the importance of organization and planning
Social-Emotional Learning
  • building empathy and understanding different perspectives
  • mindfulness
  • goal setting 
  • recognizing bullying and harassment
  • thoughts, emotions, and decisions
  • managing relationships and social conflict
Digital Citizenship
  • media & news literacy
  • communication
  • cyberbullying
  • online identity
  • online privacy
  • screen time
  • media balance
Health & Wellness
  • nutrition
  • hygiene
  • health education - puberty through sex education
  • substance abuse prevention and appropriate use of medicines

Classes are taught by a team of our in-house experts including our counselors, Dean of Student Life, and Learning Specialist. The four-year Life Skills sequence is essential in helping our students navigate life in a way that maximizes their wellness.
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