Music is a language that has no restrictions. It is a vein for better understanding, knowledge and development for all ages. Music education challenges students cognitively and physically, and provides a basis for emotional expression and development. It is my belief that musical understanding, appreciation, and participation are inherent in all people regardless of age or ability. All that is necessary is a true desire to learn and grow.

The music program introduces students to a variety of musical styles, periods, cultures, and forms of musical expression, all while cultivating an awareness, curiosity, and appreciation for music. It is the objective of the program to foster within each student an interest in a wide range of musical expression and to instill the desire to continue exploring these interests into adulthood.
Students will have the opportunity to study music both through performance and music appreciation.
Music performance will give students an opportunity to build musicianship and confidence vocally and on a variety of instruments based age and grade level, including:
  • Speaking (poems, plays, hip-hop)
  • Singing
  • Orff Instruments
  • Hand Bells
  • Soprano Recorder
  • Hand Drums
  • Traditional Woodwind/Brass Wind Instruments
  • Percussion/Drums
  • Guitar
  • Non-Traditional Percussion
  • Dance and Movement
Music appreciation will give students an opportunity to build musicianship and confidence through:
  • A basic understanding of music theory (reading and writing music)
  • A concurrent study of musical genres, styles, and eras. Instruction will include reading and writing, as well as class discussion.
  • Ancient music
  • Western art music
  • Medieval music
  • Renaissance music
  • Baroque music
  • Classical music era
  • Romantic music
  • 20th and 21st-century music
Finally, in addition to the above class will be incredibly FUN!!

Students in Kindergarten through 5th grades meet for music twice a week as individual classes, and once as a whole grade. Students in grades 6 through 8 meet once a week.
All grades will perform one class play per year that will involve acting was well as musical performances. Students will also perform several times throughout the year in events such as the Winter Assembly and Grandparents & Special Friends Day.

Auditions for the fall talent show will be held during music classes in October. Students in grades 1 through 8 are eligible to audition.  Performances may include singing, playing an instrument, dance, gymnastics, martial arts, poetry recitation and, in grade one, hula-hoops, jump ropes, and pogo sticks as part of a routine. Parents of younger students are encouraged to help their children prepare their audition acts. The goal of these productions is to give our students a great opportunity to shine and to grow, through individual and group performance.

Fifth through 8th grade students are encouraged to participate in the annual spring musical. Four performances, scheduled over two weekends, give students the chance to demonstrate vocal, dance, and acting skills and to perform before the community at large. These productions are popular within the Easton community, so even if you aren’t a Country School parents, buy tickets and come on out!
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