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Pre-K Distance Learning

Our Pre-K teachers begin with the Question of the Day, followed by a message, poem, or STAR Time read-aloud.

Our students complete a phonemic awareness activity, followed by a practice of the alphabet song and alphabet picture cards. Our phonics instruction is designed to meet the needs of our students who are grouped based upon their letter and sound knowledge.

Daily Pre-K literacy lessons consist of a read-aloud by one of our teachers of a fiction or non-fiction text, followed by questions to strengthen our students' comprehension skills and concepts of print. We introduce simple sight words through a pre-decodable book-making activity.

Students continue to work on their calendar skills such as writing in the numbers, creating a pattern, and sequencing the days of the week. Each week, students build their number sense, knowledge of basic shapes, and patterning through our online math instruction. Teachers hold small group meetings regularly and provide 1:1 sessions as needed.

In addition to their daily lessons, students may also work on lessons provided each week that focus on fine motor skills, Spanish instruction, science, and activities that reinforce the week’s concepts and themes. 

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  • MATH

Watch Mrs. Cummins share treats between her two dogs. Did she do it fairly? What about when there's one left over?
    • How to Share Fairly

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  • Math Downloads

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Today we will take one step forward for each sound in a word. Model for your child with the word "cat." Take a step for /c/, one for /a/ and one for /t/. Have your child repeat the actions with the same word. Then give him or her the following words to step and break independently. However, if your child is struggling, you can go back to modeling each word and having your child copy.

Top, pet, dot, mat, pad, red, sock

Feel free to extend the game with your own words!
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