The Gift of Time

By: Neil Mufson
During this holiday season, give to those you love the best gift: your time.
What is the best gift you can give your child this holiday break? Time. It doesn’t have to be time in a fancy place. It just needs to be time — time just with you and not a lot of others … time being together; time doing something fun or relaxing; time taking long walks or good runs or having “deep”talks; time playing together, reading together, or simply hanging out together.
Most parents today are super busy, so it’s really hard to slow down and simply spend time with our children. But there is little that is more important, that pays bigger dividends, or that they like more. The kind of time I am suggesting you spend together is time that you specially carve out that is unencumbered by where you have to be next or by what you “should” be doing. It’s even a true gift to find — or make — some time to spend with your child that is without electronic screens, devices, or the constant interruption of incoming messages. It’s a way more precious gift than anything you can buy or make.
Marketers have been so incredibly successful in our society that they have convinced us (and our children) that things are more important than ourselves. I hope you’ll find a way to give your child the gift he or she most needs and probably most wants: you.
Best holiday wishes to all of you.

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