We Exist Thanks to Gifts

By: Neil Mufson
The first in a series on the financial underpinnings of our school.
Where did the buildings and land that make up The Country School come from? Not from tuition. Not from the annual fund. Not from our endowment. And not from our Parents’ Association.
Our buildings and property were only made possible through the generosity of gifts from previous donors. Prior parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends of the school decided that their children and their community needed something better, something more than the school then offered. They knew, too, that in making the school stronger, they were doing something important for future students and the future of our surrounding community.
In 1941, a group came together to make it possible to move from an aging hotel in the center of Easton to a farmhouse on Goldsborough Street. In the 1950’s through the 1970’s, our building was created and enlarged at least four times. In 1984, a campaign to mark the school’s 50th anniversary raised the money to build the field house and art and music spaces. In 1994, funds were raised for the library wing. In 1999 the funds were raised for the current Lower School wing and for air conditioning!
In each instance, the school’s trustees and leaders rolled up their sleeves and developed a plan to take the school to the next level for the benefit of all our children. A wide range of families dug deep and generously gave “stretch” gifts to make possible every building and every space we enjoy today.
As you know, I believe that cultivating an attitude of gratitude is important to a healthy, productive, fulfilling life. I feel it is important to instill that “attitude of gratitude” in our children. Also, I know that I am extremely grateful — as a school parent and as Head of School — for the vision and magnanimity of previous families who made The Country School as we know it possible. Because they were willing to sacrifice and pay it forward, our children enjoy the school they today see as their home away from home.

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