Remaining Mindful in the Third Term

By: Neil Mufson
Those of us who live in the world of education — which includes, of course, your children — have three “new years” annually and all the opportunities and new chances that come with them. In addition to the start of the academic year and January 1, returning to school after spring break affords another fresh start. With trees and flowers budding to life, with the inspiration of the Easter and Passover stories as a backdrop, and with so much that has been dormant springing to life, the coming of spring offers a great opportunity to speak with your children about how they will make the most of the remainder of the school year.

Which habits should be preserved? Which need to be intensified? Which should be shed? What needs maintenance and what needs increased attention? What calls for a little extra effort? What has been accomplished? What goals need honing or to be set? What is and isn’t working? How can success and what we do well be applied to other areas that are harder or more tedious?

With the coming of warmer weather and longer days, it’s easy to ignore the opportunities that exist and merely coast towards the end of the school year.  Surely attention can wane as weather becomes nicer and being outdoors beckons. But bringing greater mindfulness to the trajectory of one’s learning, academic habits, and opportunities allows the transformation of spring to be all the more powerful. It’s never too young — or too old — to start.

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